November 18, 2019

Decor Tour Part 1: Living Room + Holiday!

I am SO excited to be back and blogging again! I definitely took quite the break (almost a YEAR) but life has been crazy. Lots of new things and big changes and I cannot wait to share more about that soon! In the mean time, I thought the perfect comeback would be to share my home, one room at a time! My living room decor year round is a neutral DREAM and I didn't want to lose that aesthetic during the holidays. 

I hope you enjoy this in-depth decor post and let me know what you are the most excited about for the holidays!

Coffee Table Baskets | Similar Wooden Tray (mine was from Pier 1 last year)
Three Horses Painting (4ft x 4ft) | Garland | Similar Noel Stocking Hooks (mine were from Home Goods) | Similar Galvanized Metal Buckets (mine were from Paxton Home)

Christmas Tree | Similar Ornament Set 1 | Similar Ornament Set 2 (I have this exact one but from last year, they added blue) | Ribbon | Rustic Tree Topper | Rustic Side Table | Lamp Base | Lamp Shade

My shelf decor will be the hardest to replicate. Most of these items are real antiques, thrifted, or from Home Goods. The jug, clock, and lantern were Ross's grandfather's from long ago.

Farmers Market Jug (new metal 2019 design) | Wooden Noel | Faux Vintage Typewriter (A real vintage one like mine can be found on eBay but will cost you) | Old-style Lantern | Exact Carved Trees

Similar Merry Sign | Thick Wooden Picture Frames | Exact Vintage-looking Bottles | Similar Wooden Vase (mine was Threshold brand from Target) | Rustic Lantern (If you're in KY, Paxton Home usually has GREAT dupes) | Metal Orb

That's a wrap! Maybe I will have photos in my picture frames come Spring! LOL! Thank you for reading and be sure to pin your favorite photo on Pinterest (by clicking the Pinterest icon below) and leave a comment down below!


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