January 11, 2018

My Bedding and Decor + 5 Ways to De-stress

Nothing [and I mean NOTHING] is more satisfying than having your own space that is decorated, clean, and a reflection of you. When I was as young as a high schooler, I was more concerned about saving my money up to buy decor for my bedroom than I was going bowling or out to dinner with my friends. To me, my bedroom was my first priority when it came to spending my money, and here's why.

Your home, especially your bedroom, is where you go to relax. It's the first thing you see when you wakeup and the last thing you see before you go to bed. With this being said, it's important to have a space that makes you happy. A lot of people focus on the parts of their home that others see first, because, well... others are seeing it. I feel like the bedroom is always the last thing to take care of on everyone's list. You want cuter clothes, that new purse, or maybe you're saving up for the newest iPhone you don't need.

However, when you are dissatisfied with your surroundings, it causes stress. So, what are you spending your money on? When you are home alone and need to unwind, having a space that relaxes you is so important. If you view your room as an unfinished project you don't feel like tackling, it will only add stress to your life.

I think it is super important to have a space that makes you happy. I'm not saying material things are the answer to happiness; but surrounding yourself with things that are aesthetically pleasing to you does wonders to the mind and body. Keeping my room decorated and clean makes my life so much easier. It's so nice to come home to a room that is spotless and looks like something you'd see on Pinterest or in a magazine. Here's a look at my bedding and decor with links where to find them. Redoing your room doesn't have to be pricey in order to be cute! I hope this post inspires someone to make their bedroom a space that makes them happy and stress-free.  Also scroll to the bottom of my post to find 5 other ways to eliminate stress and anxiety.

 Headboard & Bed Frame | Similar Ottoman Pillows HERE, HERE, &  HERE
| White Faux Fur Throw Blanket 

Lamps | Lamp ShadesPerfume Stand not available |

 S Mug | Chanel Book | Clear Candy Jar filled with Nyx Glosses | 
Faux Peony Arrangements | Picture frames are from Marshall's and Hobby Lobby

5 Ways to Eliminate Stress

1. Meditate. I highly encourage you to download the free Headspace app on your phone and try out their free meditations. You can choose how long you want your meditation recording to be so there is no excuse for not being able to fit it in your schedule; it can be as little as 3 minutes! The voice will guide you through it and it really works. [I listen before bed, but it's recommended to do it right when you wake up]

2. Relaxing Scents. Scents do trigger memory, mood, and emotions [look it up, it's true]. So slathering yourself in good scents can help you relax and unwind. My favorite product on earth is the Sleepy Lotion from Lush Cosmetics. It really does help when I am stressed out. I will massage this into my d├ęcolletage, arms, and legs, and I sleep like a BABY that night. You can watch an under-two-minute video HERE and watch how each batch is made, so cool!! 

3. Journal. Journaling can be awkward because what do you journal about or how often do you do it? 52 Lists For Happiness is an inexpensive start. Each week gives you a new topic to write about, all things positive. One book lasts you an entire year.

4. Make time for yourself. Sounds silly but taking an hour to get a massage, get your nails done, or get a professional peel/facial can give you time to relax and treat yo self.

5. Exercise. Working out has a lot of benefits and de-stressing is one of them! At least 30 minutes a day will not only help your body, but your mind too! No time for the gym? Try this Jessie James Decker at home workout and you will definitely feel the burn!


  1. *orders sleepy lotion*

  2. Your room is so gorgeous!! The color scheme has so many textures and colors and it looks so beautiful together

  3. I have always wanted to find this Chanel book for my coffee table!!!! THANK YOU

  4. I needed to read this because my room is horrendous. I go out to eat, go shopping, and spend my money on things that I don't need. Meanwhile, My boxspring is on the floor, my bedding is old with stains, and i dont even have curtains up. I ignored it for the longest time and this made me realize I need to quit making excuses and make my room a sanctuary for myself!