January 5, 2018

2017 Best of Beauty

The decision whether or not to put this into a video or make a blog post was so HARD. I made a poll on instagram asking what you would rather see and it was almost a perfect 50/50 towards the end. I know a video would be so long and it would be hard for people to skip to the types of products they want to see. So to stop rambling, I am going to list my most favorite products for the entire year of 2017. Yes, I said it, for the entire year. These products are my absolute holy grails. I cannot live without them in my routine and I consider them the best of the best out of their category.

Below, I will list every makeup product [broken up into every category]. Everything will also be listed (relatively) in the order that I use them in my routine! You will be able to check out and/or buy any products I mention just by clicking on the image. I hope this helps you open your eyes to more makeup and I hope I can help you find a holy grail product, or two!

*If a product is left off this list, it does NOT mean it is not good or I don't like it. I just narrowed things down by my absolute favorites that I could not live without*


  • Benefit POREfessional is a cult classic, for good reason. It has a silicone-based formula which fills pores so that your makeup looks smooth and effortless. I only use it in areas with larger pores, not all over my face.
  • The Tatcha water gel USED to be called "the pore perfecting water gel primer" but has now been repackaged as"the water gel." So, I am not sure if they aren't advertising it as a primer, but my new bottle works just like my old one. If you are in a rush, it works as a light, non-greasy moisturizer that absorbs into your skin quickly and helps minimize pores. It is pricey since Tatcha is a luxury brand, but they bottle lasts me 6-8 months!
  • I use the Smashbox primer water before any other primer. I'm not sure what makes it SO amazing but it gives your skin a shot of moisture and makes sure your makeup doesn't cling to any dry patches. I thought it was silly a year ago when I first tried it, but I always have some of my best makeup days when I use it.

Color Corrector

  • I have some natural redness to my facial skin and it especially shows when I don't have a tan. I use a green color corrector only on the red areas underneath my foundation. Green cancels out redness. If you'd like to know more about color correcting and how life-changing it can be, let me know HERE and I can make an in-depth post about it.



Setting Powder


A really good brand for some of my fave contour powders that are priced right: Makeup Geek

  • Yes, contour is different than bronzer! Contour powders have more neutral-to-cool undertones which work best for contouring.




  • I am a sucker for a blinding highlight so if you like more subtle, natural-glow highlights, these may or may not be for you. Just use a light hand!


Number one favorite eyeshadow brand (for single pans and palettes):  Colored Raine

Another amazing indi-brand for eyeshadow: Makeup Geek

  • I know these palettes are pretty new so you may be thinking, "how are these your favorites for the year?" But they are all so good! Before these palettes came out, I used Makeup Geek and Colored Raine single eyeshadows in my Z-Palette (linked above). The Colored Raine Queen of Hearts palette is also AMAZING!


Another really good mascara that I love: Kiko Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara


FAVORITE lash brand of all time: House of Lashes. Sephora carries some HOL x Sephora lashes that are exclusive for Sephora, but I personally have not tried them because I wasn't a big fan of the styles they carry. The best selection for the entire brand can be found below.
  • If you want va-va-voom lashes, check out their regular premium line HERE. [My faves are Iconic, Boudoir, Radiant, and Starlet.]
  • If you struggle with false lashes being too long and covering your entire lid or almost reaching your eyebrow, or you want a good lash shape for a more natural look, try their mini lash line HERE. They are mini, shorter versions of their best sellers! I LOVE their Iconic, Boudoir, and Noir Fairy minis.


My all time favorite lip product to wear are liquid lipsticks. Despite how controversial he may be, Jeffree Star Cosmetics has my all time favorite formula for liquid lipsticks, found HERE. My favorite shades are red rum, mannequin, and Christmas cookie!


That's a wrap! Were there any products I listed that peaked your interest or things you already have tried? I am always looking for new products to try so let me know below in the comments what some of your favorite products are! Thanks for reading!


  1. YAS QUEEN!!!! I want to buy it all because your makeup always looks so bomb!

  2. I'm so guilty because I was one of the people who requested this video on your suggestions thing! I love how you formatted it in the order you do your makeup because thats also super helpful for me!! XOXO

  3. I'm super happy that you went with a post vs. a youtube video. I was easily able to scroll and see what I want and shop what I wanted and it'll be easy to come back to! I am happy there was some drugstore stuff included. Just bought that loreal foundation <3

  4. Okay I am sooooo intrigued by the Kopari lip love balm!! Just ordered it and i cannot wait to try it!

  5. Just bought the Kevyn auccoin contour powder (I got medium) and I also got the Becca blush in wild honey! This was so helpful girl :)

  6. did NOT know jaclyn hill's palette was sold at ulta?! more posts like this pls!

  7. my prayers have been answered!! thank you for this!!