November 29, 2017

2017 Holiday Gift Guides for Him

There is no greater feeling than giving back to a loved one. One of my favorite things to do is spoil my boyfriend like crazy for Christmas! Every year,  I will go into Target and buy the biggest Christmas gift bag they have. For the last few years they've had these HUGE gift bags that are about 22 inches wide and no joke, 3 feet tall! I challenge myself to fill the entire bag up to the top with gifts so he can have a plethora of presents. He spoils me year round when he does not need to at all, so I love shopping for him!

No matter if you are shopping for your boyfriend, fiancé, husband, Dad, etc., I hope this gift guide can give you ideas and inspiration for the man in your life! I have broken down each list by price limits so you can shop with any budget! Also be sure to check out the bottom of the page for more creative gift ideas. Let me know what you all think and most importantly, enjoy!


UNDER $100

Ps. For some items such as video games or sport clothing, use the item for inspiration. I am aware that guys have different gaming consoles, prefer different kinds of video games, and/or are fans of different sports teams. As long as you buy what your man owns/likes, you'll be good to go!

UNDER $250



Gift Cards

You can never go wrong with gift cards! Restaurants, gas station or grocery store gift cards are a good way to pay him back for the dinner dates and gas he has spent on you.

"Open When..." Letters

These are such a cute gift! I've made them before and they are so fun. You create several envelopes that tell him when he can open them. For instance, "Open when you can't think of a date idea" or "Open when you are in a bad mood." You can fill them with love letters, gift certificates, pictures, or whatever you want--you can get really creative with it. I think dressing up the envelopes and putting them in a cute box to store like THIS.  If you're confused what I am talking about, check out an example HERE.

Movie night gift basket. 

You can buy a plastic popcorn container HERE and fill it with your all's favorite candies [the dollar tree has a candy and chocolate selection in the cardboard boxes just like the movie theaters]. Lastly, you can put a new DVD [something you all have wanted to see or his favorite movie] in the popcorn container for a night-in date night OR throw in movie theater tickets/giftcards inside! Make sure you all smuggle the candy into the theater ;)

Couples Massage

Nothing is more sensual and relaxing than a massage. So why not do it together with a couple's massage? You can give this through a gift certificate and prices vary depending where you go so shop around before buying a gift certificate from the first place you call.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is such a cool concept! You can set up a subscription, cancel anytime if you only want to have a one time delivery, or give a Blue Apron gift card and let him choose what he wants and when. The company lets you choose your meal [options change weekly] and they ship you all of the fresh ingredients to make the meal, along with the recipe, directions, and more all in one package. You can see the preparation/cooking time, nutritional info, what the meal looks like, and what tools you'll need BEFORE you purchase the meal package. If you are missing a tool or utensil that you'll need, you can add them to your cart and have it delivered in your package! They even have wine for two! This is such a cute idea for a night-in. You all can cook for each other or together and make it an activity. As they say, the way to a man's heart is his stomach! Make sure you click HERE to check what promos they have going on to save you some money!


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