January 30, 2018

Valentine's Gift Ideas for Him + Her

Valentine's Day is approaching us [finally, January was the longest month EVER] so that means gift guide inspo! My holiday gift guides for him and her were such big hits this past Christmas, I thought I would make another gift guide for Valentine's Day! There is a him & her section, all in one post this time, plus some other cute ideas posted below!

*The best way to view the pictured gift guides are on a desktop. On a mobile view, the gift guides are shortened and you may have to manually scroll through it. I apologize and am trying to work that out*




Heart shaped filet mignon dinner--homemade together

DIY Heart-shaped chocolate covered strawberries

Romantic bath with rose petals and champagne

Valentine's Breakfast with heart-shaped cinnamon rolls

Cover their bathroom mirror [or car] in post-it notes, each note is a reason why you love them

Create a "year of dates" box. You can choose how many you make: once a week, once a month, etc. Each gift has an idea already planned out. Could include gift cards, movie tickets, massage certificates, etc.

Fill an empty chocolate container with money, love notes, or hey, just leave in the chocolate!

Rent a rom-com movie, light some candles, and stay in for the night

Make a dinner reservation on Valentine's Day

Drive to the place where you all first kissed and exchange cards/gifts

Any custom-engraved piece of jewelry [blank pandora charm, Tiffany ring, etsy necklace]

A monogrammed sweatshirt

If you're ready for that step, a promise ring or rings

Keep it traditional and simple with a card, roses, and a box of chocolates

I hope you all enjoyed this post and have an amazing Valentine's Day! Also, feel free to share any photos on your Pinterest accounts, it helps me out! xoxo

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